Spice It

We use the tastiest fresh ingredients and authentic Asian recipes for the Spice It pepper spices. Through years of experience our farmers know exactly which ingredients are ready to be harvested. The fresh ingredients are processed as quickly as possible after harvesting into tasty pepper spices, using authentic recipes. This way the fresh flavour of the ingredients is optimally preserved – something you can taste! But we are not only there for you, our farmers and other parties in the chain are also important to us. That is why, in addition to the regular pepper spice with the red label, we have introduced Spice It Fairtrade. The farmers receive a fair price from us for the work they do for us. With the Fairtrade variant, this has been made visible by the certification. The farmer a fair price and the consumer a flavourful seasoning made with care. That only seems fair. This way you can really enjoy our products care-free.